Letters of Recommendation

From: Bill & Cathy O’Malley

Congratulations on doing what you should have done years ago. Now that Bob Phelps Real Estate is in full operation, I am sure you will ask , why did I wait so long to do this. I consider it our good fortune to have met you seven years ago, to the day, and as I told you, I wanted you representing us, not if, but when we buy. You certainly met every criteria I expected in a Realtor, having been one for thirteen years, in Ohio.

The definition of a Realtor is: Honesty, Knowledgeable, Organized, Follows Through, and a good listener. Unfortunately, there are an over abundance of want-a-bees in this area. Given the opportunity, you will excel far beyond your goals.

You HAVE NO COMPETITION. Keep up the good work, and continued success.

– Bill & Cathy O’Malley