Letters of Recommendation

From: Sue Gilbrech

Dear Bob,

Sorry this letter is so late in coming. I have been busy with all the activities here in SaddleBrooke that it is hard to get the things done that I should. I wanted to thank you for sending me the Arizona Highways magazine for the past year. I really have enjoyed it and it has helped me learn a lot about this new state I am now living in. What a lot of interesting places there are around the Tucson area!

Also, from one realtor to another, I wanted to tell you what a wonderful job you did in taking care of me all the time it took for me to get here. You never got tired of sending information to me even though you knew I couldn’t make a decision until I got my knees operated on and getting the information about the houses here kept my spirits up while I waited to get all that taken care of. But you didn’t quit there. You even took care of the boxes I needed to send here before I moved. I had nowhere to send those boxes and you stepped right up and let me send them to you so thank you again for going the extra mile. I know how hard it is to find the time to do the little extra things a realtor is asked to do with all that is involved with getting all the necessary things done so thanks again. You do what it takes to be a great realtor and don’t even think twice about it.


– Sue Gilbrech